Microsoft ‘ s second quarter earnings report released Monday had a few bright spots,Including rising sales in mobile devices and cloud service.though costs related to acquisitions and lay offs meant profits were down 10.6% to $ 5.9 billion。上周,微软发布了以下第二季度收益报告,受收购合并和裁员影响,微软利润下降10.6%,降至59亿美元,但截至2014年12月31日,季度销售额总体增长8%。despite the company ‘ s good sales numbers,revenue from copies of its Windows operating system installed on new computers,long a reliaa为什么这种事不经常发生?First,the consumer PC market has been either slipping or stagnant for years,Meaning there ‘ s fewer devices capable of running Microsoft首先,PC市场近年来低迷。

也就是说,运行Microsoft操作系统的PC。But there ‘ s another reason that ‘ s far more under Microsoft ‘ s control。但是另一个原因是微软几乎无法控制。

Back at the end of 2013,Microsoft msft-9.25% was on the verge of ending technical support for windows XP business customers . that convice这将增加微软新系统(如Windows 8)的销售量。However,that XP end-of-life phenomenon wasn ‘ t around to drive sales last year,Helping explain windows ‘ poor year-over-year numbber(Microsoft also said cheaper copies of windows it sold to academic buyes S revenue)。

但是XP的寿命去年没有抓住Windows系统销量,这说明了Windows年销量同比下降的原因。(微软回应说,出售给学术机构的Windows系统售价低,对该类别的收益也有影响。)it ‘ s safe to expect windows to be less of a money maker for Microsoft in The future . last week,The company announced That its upcoming iteration我们可以预测Windows今后仍然是微软的摇钱树。

该公司宣布,最新推出的下一代操作系统Windows 10将为早期版本的Windows用户免费升级。这一措施不会以对消费者非常友好的关系提高该系统的采用率,但不会进一步减少Windows的收益。但是,如果微软能够在移动和云服务上取得巨大进步,那么由此带来的收益将无法弥补免费升级的损失。:亚博yabo下载App。