【yabo下载App】creative types often dream of coming up with the next must-have gadget that will earn them a fortune。but innovation isnt always something to be celebrate d,if these ridiculous inventions are anything to go by。但是发明家并不总是有一些节日,People have been sharing examples of the most preposterous devices online,From a machine that pets your dog so you can save your self the人们在网上共享Others have tried to revolutionise trusty kitchen gadgets such as the pizza cutter with very dubious results,While someone invented a fan that.有的发明家制作了代表腰围的腰带,有的给双手发明者“内裤”。

Who wants a pet that you cant pet?apparently thought theres a market for a device aimed at people who cant be bothered to stroke their dogs如果不能爱抚自己的宠物,饲养宠物能做什么?发明家们似乎指出,有些人不懒于亲吻自己的小狗。(约翰肯尼迪)In a hurry to eat dinner?a fan you can attach to your chopsticks will make sure you dont risk burning your tongue晚饭慢点好吗?把扇子同样放在筷子上,你就可以把毛巾拿到你的舌头上。Too lazy to paint your toenails?no matter how badly you need a pedicure,its doubtful that these shoes are going to make a much better impression脚趾甲懒得涂吗?不管怎么修指甲,这种鞋子能否给形象加分都是猜测。there ll be no more embarrassing moments in Japanese restaurants with this cutlery-chopstick Hybrid拥有这种刀和筷子化合物,在日本餐厅不会再失望了。

If it aint broke!如果most have a pizza cutter in their drawer for a very good reason and those that dont can just use a knife制造商不失败,大部分人都有理由在自己的抽屉里准备披萨刀具why not advertise your dis appointment to the world with a belt that keeps track of your waist line本周在惠庆体机构发现自己变重了吗?为什么这样记录腰围的腰带不需要宣扬你的沮丧?Phones can now play music、take photos和run countless apps and apparently give you a shave in the mornings手机现在可以播放音乐、照片和运营无数的应用程序,If youre 也许除了销售这个解决方案胸罩战士装置之外还有更重要的事情。不要睡觉Do not disturb : this screen privacy hoodie supposedly blocks unwanted attention but is likely to have the opposite effect ensure you never go hungry with a pouch that allows you to take a slice of pizza everywhere you go愉快的零食时间!这个包不管跑到哪里,都不怕可怜。

Didnt they get the memo?when you spend all your time inventing underpants for the hands only to discover that gloves exist,the dis appointment much be huge他们没有备忘录吗?花那么多时间在发明者内裤上,你就找不到手套之类的了。那时一定很沮丧。

(萧伯纳)Waste not a moment!if you like every second of your life to be non-stop entertainment,then toilet golf is the device for you 1秒也不浪费!如果你期待人生的每一秒都随时娱乐,厕所高尔夫很适合你。Paranoid much?this device allows you to go through life without touching anything!太病态了吧?这个小玩意儿不管你转到哪里,都能见到任何东西!在not such a jean-ius idea : surprisingly these denim flip flop wedges have not been seen on the haute couture catwalk牛仔时尚界,这个创意并不出众。