亚博yabo下载App-while the explosion of Samsung galaxy Note 7 is not far behindus,a video of an iPhone 7 exploding in China surfaced online on Monday。三星Galaxy Note In the video,a man from Zhengzhou,Henan,Said That his rose-gold Iphone 7 Suddenly Exploded as he was Shooting A video with it le视频中,河南郑州一名男子上周用自己的玫瑰金iphone 7拍摄电影视频时,手机突然跳出来,变成两半,手肿了,脸也没受伤。Unlike the galaxy note 7s explosion,which smoked excessively after burning,this iphone 7 exploded leaving no burn marks,And the battery与Galaxy Note 7爆炸后大火不同,这款Iphone 7爆炸后没有自燃迹象,电池保持不变。

苹果中国报告the incident to its headquarters。苹果中国已经要求总部做这件事。this is the first known iphone 7 explosion in China,but it was not an isolated incident within the world . an iphone 6 plus in California,ut exppornia虽然这是国内首个未知的iphone 7爆炸事件,但在全球范围内并不是个别事件。据美国广播公司报道,在美国加利福尼亚,一台iphone 6 plus在电池中爆炸,预示着黑暗的演技。

Earlier this week,an iphone 6 plus belonging to darina hlavaty,an American student,burned suddenly during a class,Leaving a burnt本周早些时候,一位名叫达里或赫拉瓦蒂的美国大学生iphone 6 plus在课堂上突然爆炸,他的牛仔裤也破了一个大洞。For now,There is no evidence that these are isolated incidents and will not happen again . apple Inc has not disclosed the measures it will take to ro:亚博yabo下载App。