yabo下载App|Google has unveiled a system that attempts to pinpoint the location of where a photograph was taken by analysing the image,As the internet group谷歌(Google)推出了一个系统,该系统试图通过图像分析准确地找到照片拍摄地。Though at its early stages,The Californian company ‘ s system is another example of how silicon valley group该系统还处于早期阶段,但硅谷(SSL人工智能是利用处理大量数据和识别模式的计算能力,开发出不亚于人脑的智能。Google ‘ S latest experiment attempts solve a task that most humans find difficult : looking at a picture at random and trying to work out where S to谷歌最近的实验目的指出了大部分人困难的任务。拍一张随机出现在网页上的照片,区分这张照片是在哪里拍的。

Humans are able to make rough guesses on where a shot has been taken based on clues in the picture,Such as the type of trees in background and the arche人类要以照片的线索为依据,这项任务已经被证明远远超过了大部分计算机系统的报废能力。This week,Tobias wey and,a computer vision specialist at Google,unveiled a system called planet,That is able to decipher where a本周,谷歌计算机视觉处理专家托拜厄斯韦扬(Tobias Weyand)公布了这个名字,该系统可以分析照片中包含的像素,识别拍摄地。

“we think planet has an advantage over humans because it has seen many more places than any human can ever visit and has learnt subtle cues of differen“我们指出,PlaNet与人类相比有一个优势,该杂志今年报道了这一消息。his team divided The world into a grid containing 26,000 squares-each one re presenting a specific geographical area . weader的团队将世界分为一个网格。

科学家们制作了来自互联网的照片数据库,并制作了各自的“地理位置”(即代表照片拍摄地的数字签名),该数据库包含1.26亿张照片。Using this information,The team would teach a neural network-a computer system modelled on how layers of neurons in The brain interact-to po该小组将利用这些信息训练神经网络3354,模拟大脑皮层神经元相互作用的计算机系统——,学习如何使每张照片处于明确的位置。

Mr wey and ‘ s team plugged 2 . 3m geotayabo下载Appgged images from Flickr,the online photo library,To see whether the system could correctly determingweader团队使用了230万张照片,其中包括在线照片库Flickr的地理位置标签,以确保系统能够准确识别照片拍摄地。though this means it is far from perfect,this performance is far better than humans . according To The team ‘ s findings,The “median human “PlaNet的位置误差中值为1131.7公里。