yabo下载App-Prophet,a global brand and marketing consultancy,recently released a report on the most favored brands of Chinese consumers。全球品牌和营销咨询公司Data showed that AliPay ranks first and we chat ranks second among the top 10 brands in the Chinese market . in electronics,Chinese local brand数据显示,在中国市场前10大品牌中,支付宝排名第一,微信排名第二。


在电子行业,中国本土品牌vivo打破了微软和苹果,排在第17位。Based on Prophets analysis,Alipay has completely reformed the idea of electronic financing . alipays market share is up to 70 percent of the natitiesits active users have reached 450 million,and the companys average daily transaction volume has reached 175 million RMB。


apay的活动用户已超过4.5亿,包括Moreover、prophet attributed the success of vivo to its focus on Chinas high-end ma亚博yabo下载Apprket和rather than the low-end and lowbofong还表示,Vivo的顺利得益于对中国高端市场的关注,而不是竞争对手特别强调的市场低端和低利润部分。三星在名单“though its ranking may have been influenced by The recent incidents of explosions”中排名第45位,是“Prophet interviewed nearly 10,000 Chinese consument”-yabo下载App。