【yabo下载App】a new mobile app has been launched that allows British women to select a sperm donor to father their child。英国推出了新的手机应用程序,允许英国女性选拔捐赠者生儿育女。London sperm bank donors,nicknamed order a daddy,lets women browse men by a series of character istics including height,Ethnicity and名为“伦敦精子库捐赠者”的应用程序也被称为“购买爸爸”,女性可以通过一系列特征性的网络男性包括体重、种族和头发颜色。

the company says it is the first such app of its kind,designed to address the acute shortage of sperm donated in the uk。company says it is the first such app of its kind Much like online dating apps,it also includes a biography of the potential father containing theing为了获得精子,Dr Kamal AHU ja,Scientific Director of the London Sperm Bank,Told the Sunday Times Finding a donor will now be as easy as ordering from bill伦敦精子库的科学负责人卡马尔阿华对《星期日泰晤士报》说,要自由选择捐赠者,He Said : You Make all the transactions Online,like you do anything else these days。他说:“你在网上完成了所有交易,This allows a woman Who wants to get a sperm donor to gain control in the privacy of her own home and to choose and decide in her own time But it但是活动人士也回应了明确的批评。英国生育伦理宣传机构约瑟芬昆塔瓦莱对新闻记者说:“这是数码爸爸。

这种方法是仅次于父亲地位的丑化。”women using the app can list the character istics they most desire in a father and can set up alerts when an appropriate person becomes available。使用对象Among the anonymous donors are lawyers,doctors,engineers and actors。